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Forum Index » Technical Support » Scammed out of 10k today... ctmailmod helped.
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Posted 06/01/2009 06:31am
Scammed out of 10k today... ctmailmod helped.
I post 200+ auctions a day by hand. However, I use CT mailmod to help open them when the 12 hour period is up. Today someone sent me a level 39 green bow with a COD of 10000 gold. I never saw the bow as I just click select all and then open all as usual. It goes by so fast I usually dont bother watching. However, somehow, it not only opened the COD mail, it paid it as well. I tried to replicate it, by sending COD items to myself from my 2nd account and it couldnt reproduce the issue. Needless to say, the GM I contacted was pretty much telling me im shit out of luck since I opened the mail, regardless of whether it was a mod and regardless of the obvious scamming intent of the person that mailed the gun.

CTMod has always been good for me since beta days, I am not badmouthing it in any way. Just giving people a heads up to be careful with the auto-open issue. Perhaps you can add something in that refuses emails that have COD on them in the future. I would say I look forward to that feature, but unfortunately I think I am done with this game if Blizzard simply says tough shit to the honest customer while POS scammers can get away with this type of thing.
Posted 06/01/2009 06:33am
1. Re: Scammed out of 10k today... ctmailmod helped.
First. QQ. Can I have your stuff?

Hope that covers it. ;)
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