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Posted 04/15/2009 08:48pm
Class Bar
Have been using CTmod since started playing wow, great job for the past couple years.

Problem I am running into is with CTbarmod, and CTbottombar with the release of 3.1.

I like the marble affect that Blizz has standard in the game on the bottombar.

currently when i load up both CTbarmod and bottom bar this marble affect disapears. disabled bottombar, but then the class bar is stuck half way up my chat box and unmovable.

I just want to be able to move my class/pet bars so that they are not in the middle of the chat box while not having the marble effect taken off my bottom bar.

Thank you.
Posted 04/15/2009 09:46pm
1. Re: Class Bar
The marble textures in CT_BottomBar are not displayed in order to allow you to move the separate pieces that make up the bottom bar area. The background textures that Blizzard provides aren't designed to be broken up and moved around the screen.

If all you want to do is move your pet/class bars then CT_BottomBar may not be the addon you need. You may want to look for an addon that just allows you to move things around on the screen.

If you are not using CT_BottomBar, and your class/pet bars are too high when you use CT_BarMod, then check two things.

1) Do you have Blizzard's bottom left bar enabled? If you do, and you are not using it, then disabling their bottom left bar should lower your pet/class bars a bit.

2) Look in the CT_BarMod options for the "Shift standard pet/class/posses bars up" option. If you disable that option, then the pet/class bars will move down a bit. If you are displaying a CT_Barmod bar above your experience/reputation bar, then you will probably want to leave this option enabled, otherwise the pet/class bars might be displayed at the same place as your CT_BarMod bar. Enabling the shift option will move the pet/class bars above the CT_BarMod bar.

Dargen (Zanek)
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