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Thanks for the feedback!
TS - 03/15/2006 @ 04:07pm

After a slightly overwhelming opening day, we were able to get the servers stabled out and everything running great (thanks Lame). With the majority of stability issues and site inconsistancies already fixed, we're aiming to knock out any bugs that still remain.

That being said, we encourage users to visit our Forums and check out the threads on Current Plans, Recently Fixed Bugs, and be sure to visit our FAQ Forum to find commonly asked questions and answers.

Day 1, a success!
TS - 03/07/2006 @ 09:27am

After a somewhat rocky start of getting our servers stable to the load they were required to handle, things settled down and the site is now running great! The launch seems to have been very well received by people from all around the world. A number of people were interested in our launch statistics, so here's a general summary:

6,232 Users signed up from 70 different countries.
980 Guilds were created, 575 of which were Alliance, 405 Horde.
10,125 Profiles were listed in the first 24 hours.

So once again, thanks for making our launch a great success! We hope to have all the kinks and bugs remaining worked out this week, and our development will be ongoing for improvements and additions. We encourage user feedback so if you'd like to suggest an idea, share your opinions, or inform us of a bug, check our our Forums!

Server stability
TS - 03/06/2006 @ 02:03pm

Please bare with us as we test our server stability over the first day or two. We're trying to assess the amount of server power we will be needing, and the influx of initial traffic is a much higher spike than we expect once it stabilizes. Think of patch day on the CTMod.net site, when everyone tries to hit it at once. We're closely monitoring everything and we do apologize for any downtime.

- Apostrophe's in server and profile names.
- Guild names can now be fewer than 4 letters, sorry about that.
- Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas now adds the correct AC for paladins and warriors. (you may need to unequip and reequip the item for it to show correctly)
- Paladin talents should now function properly.
- Shaman Ancestral Knowledge and 2h axe/mace spec should work propertly now.
- Guild leaders can no longer accidentally demote themselves.

CTProfiles is here!
TS - 03/06/2006 @ 08:01am

The CTMod team is proud to announce our latest project, CTProfiles.net. While not a mod, we've spent the last several months working on an all intensive profile site. Not restricted by simply uploading the gear you have on when you log out, CTProfiles allows you to customize your current gear, the gear you wish to have, a set of resist gear, or even see how different talents would affect your current setup.

A site like this has been a long time coming, and finding the currently available options a bit lacking, we set out to design our own. We hope to keep the high standards of our UI mods and other sites, and hope that everyone finds this site as useful as our others.

We will continue development well after release adding features and improving functionality where necessary, and we encourage user feedback. If you have a question, comment, suggestion or bug, please let us know.

As always we hope you enjoy the site!

-The CT Team

Testing phase nearly complete!
TS - 03/06/2006 @ 06:08am

We greatly appreciate all bug reports, comments, suggestions, and general feedback people sent in over the course of our testing, and think we got pretty much all of the bugs and kinks worked out. There's more than likely going to be a few small things that arise, but we'll do our best to knock them out as fast as we can.

So once again, thanks for all the help with getting CTProfiles ready for release.