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Just a quick update.
TS - 05/06/2006 @ 06:33pm

We've uploaded a new version of the CT_ItemDB addon that will now work correctly with SuperInspect; previously if the two mods were used in conjunction, you would not be able to inspect anyone.

Also of note is this weekend's maintenance period. We're doing another major server tweak this weekend which we're hoping will eliminate most of the lingering issues with downtime and 'lag'. I'll provide more information when we know the exact time of the maintenance window, but it will likely be late tonight if everything goes as scheduled.

**Update:** Tonight's maintenance has been completed. The servers are up and running smoothly. We'll continue to monitor performace and make changes as necessary.

Quick Maintenance 5-1 @ ~9:15pm
TS - 05/02/2006 @ 04:03am

We're going to be bringing the majority of the site offline for about half an hour while we clean up some cached files and clear some extra stuff that was left during our earlier work on the servers. The downtime should be minimal but we need to get it done so the cached profiles get refreshed.

Tonight's maintenance has been completed successfully, thanks for your patience.

Site Maintenance 4/10/06
TS - 04/11/2006 @ 12:33am

We will be bringing parts of the site down for maintenance tonight at around 11:00 PM Pacific Time to improve speeds and load times of certain parts of our database. We expect downtime to be 2-3 hours. During this time, some parts of the site will be noticably slow while others will run just fine.

This maintenance should help us prepare for the upcoming server upgrades which will drastically improve performance even more. We apologize for the inconvenience and will do our best to get things up as soon as possible.

Update: Listings are back up for now. We will be monitoring performance.

Patch 1.10!
Cide - 03/28/2006 @ 08:45pm

We have patched the site to 1.10, and it seemed to go rather smoothly. Let us know through the Contact Us page if you find any issues.

We have also updated the Priest Talents to the new trees. This means that all Priests have had their talent sets reset. If you find any problems with the new talents, use the Contact Us page to let us know.

Update: The item database has been updated and is now ready to accept items from 1.10. As soon as they are uploaded and verified, the database will be updated with the new items and armor sets. [Edit-Josh: For real this time]

If you notice any slowdowns, then that is likely due to the huge amount of traffic we're receiving right now.

Updates and Improvements!
TS - 03/19/2006 @ 10:19pm

As we continue to develop, add, and improve CTProfiles, we'll try and keep everyone informed on the changes we make. Today was a big one.

We've added a Profile Type dropdown box for searching listings. This dropdown shows 5 pre-sets for profile types; Main, PvP gear, Fire Resist, Nature Resist, and a Wish List set. What's special about these is that now every character will have these 5 profile types in their profile listing. If you add your Fire Resist gear to the FR profile, it will now show up in the Fire Resist profile listings.