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Below is a listing of archived news on CTProfiles. Up to 5 news posts are displayed per page.
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Server Outage
Cide - 06/17/2006 @ 08:13pm

We apologize for the unexpected outage experienced earlier today. Our hosts changed some IP addresses on us and it took a bit to get things back to working how they should be. We had to take additional measures to ensure overall stability and increase our traffic limits so things should be a bit more smooth overall in the future.

Things should be back up and running smoothly now, and hopefully the improvements are noticable!

Uploading Test itemcache.wdb files
TS - 05/27/2006 @ 06:18pm

We've updated our system so Test server wdb files are now able to be uploaded. By uploading the newer files, we will be doing an extra check through authorization which may cause items to show up a day or so later, but updates will show up shortly.

This means that you will be able to see how your gear, stats, and setup are affected in patch 1.11; for example many ZG items were changed, as were PVP set items. If you've been playing on test and would like to see if you have any new items to add to the database, go to our Item Database page to the left and upload your World of WarcraftWoWTestWDBitemcache.wdb file.

Tier 3 and 1.11 items added.
TS - 05/24/2006 @ 10:22pm

We've gone ahead and updated our database for items that are currently on the Test realm slated for the 1.11 patch. This means you'll be able to better plan your Frost Resist gear sets, see how much of an upgrade Tier3 armor is, check out the new stats of the pvp sets, or see what else is new!

Contributing users can find a list of all the latest items added in our Newest Items section on the menu. 124 new items were just added, not including any of the tier 3 sets, so check it out! We'll continue to update as necessary when items are changed, added, or updated, so be sure to check back.

*Update:* A major bug was found in the Tank Points formula earlier today, and corrected. Any user who modifies their armor will see the correct value for Tank Points. We brought all servers down around 11-12pm PST on the 25th and everything went smoothly. All profiles should now report the correct values for Tank Points.

Frost Resist Profiles Added
TS - 05/23/2006 @ 08:25pm

With the soon coming patch of 1.11, adding a vast amount of higher end Frost Resist gear for Naxxramas, we've added a Frost Resist default profile type. Over the next few hours all characters will have a Frost Resist profile type created in their profile listing.

If you do not wish to use it, simply delete it. If you do use it, you can now have your Frost Resist profile added to the listings, searchable via Frost Resist in the profile type dropdown menu.

Small update
TS - 05/21/2006 @ 11:24pm

Just a short update to notify everyone that all non-standard profiles are no longer level restricted. What this means is that, any new profiles you create past the default created ones will work just like the Wish List profile; you will be able to add items of any level, even if your character is not yet able to equip them.

Also, Druid forms are currently undergoing internal testing, and we hope to make them available sometime soon. Both Cat and Bear forms seem to be working great, Moonkin are still being finished. We've had a small setback as we want to make the forms searchable via the listings, so we're having to do a bit of recoding, but if all goes well it shouldn't be much longer.