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CT Team Road-map and Information
TS - 08/20/2006 @ 07:36pm

Recently we've had a lot of people asking, "What are you guys doing?" This should hopefully provide everyone with a bit of information regarding our current objectives, future plans, and long term goals...

First stage of changes complete!
TS - 08/10/2006 @ 11:58pm

We've just completed our first stage of speed improvements to the site (sorry for the outage earlier) and plan on monitoring this change for a day or so and seeing how it goes before we proceed with the rest of the changes. The listings should function a bit faster now, without error (we hope) and other pages (like the characters page) should be drastically sped up. We still have more to do to speed things up and keep them stable but we want to test this batch of changes to see how everything reacts. Thanks for your patience and we hope you notice a difference!

Now Accepting More Items!
TS - 07/24/2006 @ 08:58pm

We've been hard at work on some changes to our database which will allow us to add more functionality to the site, and the time has come to expand on it. We're now setup to accept additional item types and we need your help!

If you have never uploaded your Itemcache.wdb file, or even if you already have, uploading it now will help expand our database in preparation of the upcoming features. Visit our Item Database page to the left to upload it, or find out more information about it!

Also, we've begun compiling a listing of Buffs that will affect profiles in preparation of adding new features to the site. If you would like to help ensure our buffs list is complete, or just offer your feedback, check out the general forum post and let us know!

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Another Performance Increase
TS - 07/19/2006 @ 10:21pm

On Tuesday we finished another major performance increase which we believe should make the site much smoother and faster throughout. We'll be monitoring and adjusting as need be, but things are looking good so far. We believe most issues with the server that was having problems are also fixed, however there may still be a few small issues regarding the skills page or adding certain items to profiles. We hope to have the remaining bugs knocked out sometime today.

In other news, we fixed some of the final inconsistancies with crit%, dodge%, and incorrect stats that had been plaguing us. If you still have an issue with crit%, dodge%, or another stat being off from what it displays in game, please submit a contact form or post a forum post with a screenshot of your stats in game, your profile that matches the screenshot, and a screenshot of your character's base stats (naked). We will be going over any submissions to find the inconsistancies and hopefully get things squared away.

New Image Server
Marik - 07/08/2006 @ 07:26pm

In an attempt to increase performance of the site, we've redirected the images/icons/etc to a new server. This should hopefully give a bit of a speed boost. Existing profiles will continue to load images off of the regular server until an item is added/changed/removed on your profile, all new profiles will load images from the new server. Thanks for using CTProfiles.net!