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What's the CT Team up to?
TS - 10/27/2006 @ 08:56pm

That's a good question!

With the expansion coming out in only a couple of months, we're trying to prepare for it. In addition to the CTProfiles site changes that need to be made for all new talents, skills, socketed items, and other changes, we also need to update all of our mods.

A number of our mods haven't been worked on in quite some time, and as such, are a tad outdated. Which is why we're completely recoding all of them from the ground up for release with the expansion. We'll be combining some mods, replacing some, maybe even adding one or two new ones if we get the time. This means all mods should function more smoothly, and be faster overall, with less usage required. We've already begun working on the mods and are making some great progress.

Additionally our previously 'Unannounced CT Site' is also making very nice progress. We're looking forward to an alpha test of it in the coming weeks, followed not long after by a series of closed beta tests. We're pushing forward smoothly on this project and hope to have it ready by the expansion as well.

CTProfiles 1.5 Release
TS - 10/14/2006 @ 09:15pm

We've been working on a series of recodes and changes for a while now, and began testing them earlier this month. After a bit of internal testing and some brief public testing, we are ready to release all of the newest changes. We didn't quite get enough testing done through our beta site, and some features were untestable due to the beta site being up while the live site was. As such, we're going to be monitoring everything over the next few days to ensure stability and speed, as well as accuracy of information.

If you find something inconsistant or incorrect, please let us know via the forums. We've knocked out a number of bugs but it's definitely possible there's something we missed. Unfortunately things like that are ones that probably would not surface without a larger playerbase using the site.

In addition to the improvements in load time and overall performance, we also took this time to get some much needed things fixed up or added in. Read on to find a list of some changes you should notice...

CTProfiles 1.5 Open Beta
TS - 10/12/2006 @ 08:09am

As many of you have read or heard, we've been working on a huge set of recodes for the CTProfiles website. Those recodes have finally been completed, and tested internally to a point that we feel we are in need of more testers. In addition to the recodes, we have added some very nice features, as well as fixed up or changed various other things. If you're interested, read on...

Apologies for the outage.
TS - 10/12/2006 @ 02:07am

One of the switches our servers are on decided to up and die in the middle of the day. Techs were able to get a new one put on but as you may have noticed we encountered about an hour of downtime. Apologies for that and everything should be back up and running normally now.

Server Upgrades inc soon!
TS - 09/12/2006 @ 10:47am

We'd like to say thanks to everyone who has helped out by contributing; this has enabled us to upgrade one of our servers a bit which should hopefully increase performance overall. The upgrade will be done some time within the next 48 hours we're hoping, so there may be a small downtime in that period. We'll try and update when we have a more exact time frame, as well as after the maintenance is complete.

Update: The upgrade maintenance will likely be performed between 1:00pm PST and 2:00pm PST today, so there will be an outage of ~10-15 minutes while that happens. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we really hope these changes make things faster and more stable all around.

Update #2: Maintenance is complete, we hope you notice an improvement!