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CTProfiles Addon/Import Updated
TS - 12/27/2006 @ 01:00am

The CTProfiles Addon has been updated. This means that you can now import your characters items, skills, reputations, and talents from in game, in addition to manually inputting all data. Additionally, uploads for random property items optionally gathered by the CT_Profiles addon (using the .lua upload) should work now.

Update 12/27 2:45pm pst: The upload was linked to the wrong place, so if you downloaded it prior to this update, you got an old version. Sorry for the inconvenience, but if you redownload it now, it will work fine.

CTProfiles 2.0(b)
TS - 12/19/2006 @ 02:57am

We've got pretty much everything updated (we think) but we need to watch how it works for tonight. If you encounter errors please visit our forums before submitting contact reports. We'll be watching them and making necessary changes tomorrow.

12/22 update:

Item uploads are now working yet, so most hunter items should be updated, as well as various other items. We're going over the forum posts and bug reports of various talents being incorrect or not updated, but a lot of the reports are vague. Please provide as much information as possible regarding issues like that so we can tell exactly where the problem lies and move to fix it quicker.

CTProfiles Update
TS - 12/17/2006 @ 10:34pm

We will be bringing the CTProfiles site down tomorrow morning around 8-9am pacific time to do the database changes necessary to get everything updated. The downtime will hopefully only be a few hours, but we can't say for sure until we get things in and setup.

Patch Day Update...
TS - 12/05/2006 @ 10:25pm

In an attempt to optimize the load across our servers, we've been trying to move some files around and lessen load on each server. In the process we've noticed a few issues here and there which have caused a few traffic spikes or outages. Most of those issues should be fixed up and things should be a bit smoother the rest of the day (we hope).

Patch days are rather intense and we're continuing to do what we can to increase performance with the resources at hand, as adding more servers simply isn't an option at this time. If things seem slow or spikey on a patch day (or even the day after), we ask that you please be patient and let it load, or try again later. We continually monitor the servers and adjust what we can when we can.

-= CTScreens.net =- Unveiled!
TS - 12/01/2006 @ 08:00pm

The long awaited unannounced CT Team project is finally complete. We welcome you to CTScreens.net


CTScreens is a Screenshot/image hosting site created for World of Warcraft players. What makes us different? Simple, we also play WoW. We've browsed the forums and clicked links to other hosting sites just to find them out of bandwidth. We know how hard it can be to find a place where you can just upload an image and not deal with having to convert it since most places won't allow .tga images. We've seen the 'show off your UI' threads and found a number of broken links or slow loading sites.

Now it's our turn. We know what does and doesn't work...and we're here to provide a service that does. You can upload .tga images straight from your screenshot directory; you can leave an image up forever and it will never disappear; you can reference the images you upload later to bring back memories or see how things have changed. You can upload your UI screenshot, add a description, and wait for users to add comments letting you know what they think about it.

Don't just take our word for it, check it out for yourself!

Note: CTProfiles users can login to CTScreens using your existing CTProfiles accounts!

-The CT Team