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Stats Update
TS - 03/02/2007 @ 11:00pm

No, I didn't misspell status. Stats have been updated across the board for a large number of class/race/level combo's. Most players should notice their stats being much, much closer to exact as of 2:45pm PST today. The script took a lot (and I mean a *lot*) of tuning, but we finally got it setup and working. Some talents are still having issues, most notably Combat Experience for Hunters, but our initial tests show that things should be hugely more accurate now.

If your stats are still off, read below.

Status Update
TS - 02/23/2007 @ 04:54pm

We got caught up doing work (real work, like on another project that actually has a deadline and what-not) which took our focus off the site/mods for about a week. That project is done and out of the way now, so we're going over our list of what to do right now.

We've decided to fix up some mods today and we'll be releasing updates for CT_BarMod, CT_BottomBar, CT_MapMod, CT_ExpenseHistory, and CT_Core either later today or tomorrow. Mostly just a series of small fixes, but it's stuff we felt should get done and wouldn't take much time.

After those mod updates, we'll be re-focusing on CTProfiles, getting random property items working again and getting the base stats admin setup to better update race/class combo's with the uploaded data. We haven't fully assessed the time those will take, so I'll update this when I know for sure.

CT_Profiles Addon Updated
TS - 02/07/2007 @ 10:24pm

The new version of the CT_Profiles addon will be up as of about 2:30pm pst, which should fix issues with random property items, as well as allow base stat importing so all stats can be checked and made much more accurate. Please make sure to re-download the addon if you use it.

You only need to reload your ui while in game to make the updated changes take effect; however to upload your data, you will need to camp out to at least the character select screen. The sooner we get updated data, the sooner things will settle down and everything will appear more accurate.

Update @ 3:45pm PST: A bug with Random Property Items has been fixed. Please re-download the addon if you downloaded it before this update.

Status Update
TS - 01/21/2007 @ 09:07pm

On Friday at around 1:00pm pacific time, the main hard drive of our primary web server died, and had to be replaced. It took some time to get a new hard drive installed and setup, then we had to load all backup files to get things set back up.

The database server wasn't harmed so no data was lost or anything, but getting it all set back up caused a bit of a setback. We're working on final steps to make sure the servers are running smoothly again, then we'll be getting the site setup to add over 5,000 new items. Hopefully today, so check back soon.

CTProfiles - Burning Crusade
Cide - 01/16/2007 @ 12:49am

CTProfiles has now been updated to support characters up to level 70, as well as Blood Elves and Draenei! An update to support socketed items will be released tomorrow.

We are aware that stats will most likely be off for characters above level 60 and for the new races, so please bear with us while we gather new information to make CTProfiles as accurate as it has been before.