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Still Cracking Away
TS - 04/12/2008 @ 06:48pm

It's been a little while now that things have been up and re-worked. So far, so good. We've seen a lot of little bugs cranked out, and some bigger ones reworked to make things smoother. A few server issues set us back a bit, primarily due to 'hacking attempts' and dumb things like that, which forced us into spending time ensuring the servers were safe and secure.

Since then, we've got the majority of items added in for Patch 2.4. The next big thing being worked on is spell haste. We know it doesn't show up quite right yet, so that's what we're aiming to fix. Expertise is also on the list of major things to get in and updated.

As always, we appreciate your patience as we get things fixed, updated, or added. Be sure to check the forums and let us know if you find bugs or other issues. We check them frequently so every bit of info helps.

Weeeeee're Baaaaaack
TS - 01/11/2008 @ 07:08pm

CTProfiles has a new primary coder, and with a completely revamped backend, better item importing, an import from armoy option to get you started, no more addon required, things are looking good.

The Armory is slow, clunky, and only able to show the set you happened to log out in. The need for custom profiling hasn't gone away, and CTProfiles is far from dead.

As usual we're starting things off with a Beta format; things are live, but we're still making tweaks here and there. If you come upon something that doesn't seem quite right (a talent typo, stat miscalc, broken item icon, etc.) please let us know by either filling out a contact form, or posting on the forums.

All old accounts should still work to login, so if you remember your login information, try logging in. If it doesn't work, use the password recover form to reset your password so you can log in again.

We've been gone for a while, but we're back, and things are looking good so far. We hope you've missed us!

Now it's time for what comes after the cat in the tree poster; we've hung in there, and now is our time to climb back up.

CTProfiles Project 'On Hold'
TS - 06/01/2007 @ 07:45am

I'd like to start off by saying thank you to everyone that has helped us keep the site/servers up, bug tested, beta'd various features, or simply contributed to the community. We've spent the past 6 months fighting bug after bug after bug only to have even more bugs arise, without ever catching up.

It has finally got to the point where it's simply too much work to 'fix' things. With several offers of help, only a few minor things were ever completed, and leaving Cide as the only coder was just not enough to get out from the overwhelming load. We're not happy to see things not working, but it just isn't feasible to attempt to fix them.

We still feel there is a very viable use for a custom profiling site, even with the armory out. The armory can't help you compare your crafted set to tier4 or 5, nor your arena gear vs. misc. pieces. We've started a very early stage of development for a CTProfiles2.0 project, which is essentially a complete recode, however we won't be releasing it any time soon. Our focus is going to be shifted back to CTMod, and we'll be working on a new unannounced mod that's been in the works for a few weeks, CT_RaidAssist2.0, some fixes and updates to older mods, and we'll continue to go from there. As for development of the CTP2 site, I won't even set an estimate of when we'd be starting work on it again.

The CTProfiles database server will be going offline in a few days, and all other servers will follow suit. CTMod and CTScreens will both remain up unaffected. The forums will also likely be coming down, as they're setup through CTProfiles, and I don't know if it would be viable to salvage them.

If you are a very experienced coder with large amounts of time you would like to put towards the CTP2 site, or one of the other CT projects, feel free to drop us a line. The issue with projects like this is that we don't make money from them, yet they require a very large amount of time to develop and maintain. Spending 6-10 hours a day coding is not unusual, but when things get done, we're usually quite pleased with the results. Sadly these aren't part time projects, it's a full-time hobby.

The good news is that we'll be able to spend time working on mods again, as CTProfiles was pretty much prohibiting any spare time, so keep checking the CTMod site for more info and updates.

Again we'd just like to say thanks to the millions of users worldwide. Over 5 million profiles were created, from over 150 countries, resulting in an average of over a million unique visitors every month, and well over a hundred thousand hits every single day. So thank you for making us the most used profiling site for any game anywhere. We're sorry we couldn't keep up, but hopefully we'll be able to do better next time.

-The CTProfiles Team (Cide and TS, with greatly appreciated assistance from Marik)

Several Bug Fixes in place.
TS - 04/16/2007 @ 08:48pm

We've rolled out a major set of bug fixes this morning which affect a vast number of areas on the site. Profile deleting should again function normally, creating and copying profiles should create them with their base stats correctly, stat value multipliers should be in check, ring enchants should work, stat rounding and decimal display should show correctly...a lot of things were affected by the changes we put in today. We'll be spending some time going over everything that was changed, as well as attempting to ensure no other bugs arose from the changes we made. If you encounter any glaring issues or problems still, please visit our forums and let us know.

Two big issues both causing problems
TS - 03/16/2007 @ 05:12pm

**NOTE: DNS changes are happening today (03/24) probably through Monday (03/26). If you notice the site timing out or it can't be found, it's being worked on. Thanks! -Marik**

We've been spending a lot of time lately wracking our brains on the random property item issue, which still isn't fixed, as well as getting socketed items working. Neither of these are simple given current code. Cide has begun recoding things so the new code will be more susceptible to change and will allow adding things like sockets.

I've talked with someone that may be able to help us bugfix but unsure as to whether that will pan out or not. If anyone else is extremely versed in php/sql, and might be interested in helping us fix a few major issues, please send in a contact form and let us know.